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Speak Easy launch: 29% users have had a sexual fantasy about voice assistant

J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare discussed original research identifying the implications of voice in nine global markets including China, Japan, the USA and UK in a session on the Cannes Lions Discovery Stage.


The partnership, which had already pioneered a UK deep dive study that found that 87% of regular voice users believe that the technology really simplifies their lives when it works properly are now working on an international scale to spell out clear ways for brands to stay ahead in a voice-activated world.

According to Mindshare Futures director Jeremy Pounder, users crave intimacy and can develop quite strong emotional connections through projecting personalities, with 29% of regulars admitting to having had sexual fantasies about their VAs.

“Though this may seem a little bit surprisingly extreme at the moment, it may not seem so radical in the years to come,” Pounder added, talking about how 25% of Microsoft Xiaoice users tell her that they love her.

Key insights from the session focussed on how voice is a less mentally taxing form of interaction, with most consumers commenting that they want utility and proactivity from VAs.

In order to tap into this, brands must identify moments where voice can make life easier, find their own personal voice and the type of conversation they prefer. With this in mind, the two companies have partnered on Speak Easy, a trends and innovations report that explores voice technology and its implications for brands.

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