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The Huffington Post announces Global Ventures at annual summit

The Huffington Post is looking to accelerate its global expansion with a new “lighter model” to help it launch into new markets.

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HuffPost’s Global Summit is currently being held in Madrid. Chief executive officer Jared Grusd and co-founder Arianna Huffington are leading talks on the company’s 2016 international growth strategy, including the launch of HuffPost Global Ventures.

According to Huffington’s blog, Global Ventures offers a way to “scale globally and move beyond a monolithic approach to launching in new countries”.

“In partnership with leading media companies, Global Ventures will synthesize and package HuffPost’s core elements into lighter models, allowing us to expand much more rapidly and widely and reach more people authentically,” she added.

Other future advancements discussed included the scaling of technology infrastructure in 2016 and “supercharging” the CMS, apps and analytics tools to enable rapid content sharing.

It’s been a big year for the AOL-owned publisher, seeing the launch of the new Arabic edition in July swiftly followed by HuffPost Australia in August.

“We want to be in 50 countries and in front of tens of millions more people before the end of this decade, and I have no doubt that we have the right team in place to take us there,” wrote Huffington.

“We were joking at the Summit that we are well on the path to global domination — not the sinister, Bond villain kind of global domination, but a more positive global domination, like Taylor Swift, or Greek yogurt.”

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