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Top 10 Christmas 2015 campaigns from across the world

Tis the season to indulge in rampant consumerism. In amongst the perfume adverts, a couple of brands stood out with their Christmas campaigns….


10 – Sky Movies

A girl in a paper crown finds innovative ways to get rid of the unwanted sprouts. Unfortunately, this method is only practical if you are able to quantum leap into family friendly movies at will.

9 – Duracell

At the moment, festive and Star Wars-related are synonymous, and no one wants their lightsabre to run out. The battery life is strong in this one.

8 – Currys PC World

Why don’t all adverts have Jeff Goldblum in?

7 – Edeka

To avoid the ‘man in the moon’ scenario, this old man fakes his own death to ensure his family visit for Christmas. Cheery.

6 – Publicis Groupe

Publicis CEO Maurice Levy doesn’t approve of having his announcements skipped so he gatecrashes adverts to ensure the viewer’s full concentration.

5 – Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Why don’t all adverts that don’t have Jeff Goldblum feature Nick Offerman instead?

4 – Scrabble

Meadow Sea is an anagram of Awesome Ad.

3 – ActionAid

Ever wanted to hear some goats sing Christmas Carols? Well want no more, thanks to ActionAid.

2 – John Lewis

Acoustic cover of popular song? Check. Adorable morally-conscious child? Check. Gut-wrenchingly emotional plot line? CHECK. It must be John Lewis.

1 – Sainsbury’s

The return of a childhood favourite, in house-burning-down style. Merry Christmas!

Anna Dobbie


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