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Undertone acquires LatAm tech start-up Sparkflow

Undertone has acquired Buenos Aires-based Sparkflow, an all-in-one platform for multi-screen rich media advertising.

According to a company statement, the acquisition will enable Undertone to simplify the process of building cross-screen advertisements, opening up “new creative possibilities” for marketers and agencies.

Sparkflow was founded in 2013 by Sebastián Alberto Miret, Gabriel Sánchez Catena and Rodrigo Oscar Vazquez, a team of digital marketing and advertising executives with more than a decade’s experience in the rich media advertising ecosystem.

“The Sparkflow platform, with its focus on building high impact, cross-screen advertising formats that are designed to capture consumer attention, is a natural fit for Undertone,” said Undertone CEO Corey Ferengul.

“Sparkflow was built as a mobile first platform, which we found very attractive. The platform will empower us to bring sophisticated, ground-breaking advertising formats to market even faster, while giving our clients a seamless way of quickly delivering creative that’s both beautiful and engaging.”

Undertone will integrate Sparkflow’s capabilities into its existing tech platform, creating an end-to-end technology stack focused on the creation, data-driven delivery, and analytics of high-impact advertising formats across screens, channels, and devices.

Undertone is also planning on using the platform to create new opportunities for publishers. These solutions will be available through both programmatic and traditional digital advertising distribution channels.

“Undertone has a long history of delivering innovative market-leading ad formats designed to grab attention for brands,” added Gabriel Sánchez Catena, CEO of Sparkflow. “This makes us extremely excited about the acquisition because the Sparkflow platform is the perfect complement to Undertone’s core mission.”

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