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Vibrant Media teams with Appnexus to enable programmatic trading of in-view formats

Native advertising company Vibrant Media has partnered with ad tech firm Appnexus to allow all of the company’s formats to be traded programmatically by the first quarter of 2017.

 appnexus-logo3The In-View range joins the In-Text, In-Image and Adhesion banner formats in Vibrant Media’s portfolio of programmatic native ads. In-View ads score 93% viewability, with an average click through rate of 1-2%, ten times higher than that of standard display ads.

“Efficiency has been the major driver for programmatic, but there’s been a lack of creativity and adaptability of programmatic campaigns,” said Vibrant Media founder and executive chairman Craig Gooding. “By increasing our portfolio of programmatic native ad formats, brands and media agencies can be more creative and incorporate more functions into their campaigns.

“Marketers can use the formats to entertain consumers and achieve a variety of campaign objectives: traffic driving, engagement, brand awareness, or any combination of these goals.”

Appnexus director of product Panjak Lakhotia commented that Vibrant Media will contribute to the diversity of ad formats available through the Appnexus platform.

“Advertisers now have more options to target consumers with viewable, native and LEAN compliant formats placed at unique points within brand-safe editorial,” Lakhotia added. “Partnerships like this give marketers greater choice, flexibility and agility in campaign planning.”

Nearly 80% of media planners and buyers at leading digital media agencies have said that they are very likely (22%) or likely (57%) to recommend the new In-View ad formats to their advertising clients after seeing the ad format for the first time, due to the technology enabling brands to place ads between the paragraphs of premium, relevant editorial at natural breaks within consumers’ content experience.

“Consumers expect a hiatus in their content experience between paragraphs, so it’s an extremely viewable and engaging place to position ads,” continued Gooding. “However, those ads must still respect consumer choices, be contextually relevant to the editorial but also appropriate to the campaign objectives, even if they’re purchased programmatically.

“Traffic driving, engagement and brand awareness are different goals. In-View is able to deliver on each of these objectives by using different creative and mechanics but in the same placement. That’s what makes these new formats work so well for brands and why their agency partners are so supportive of them.”

Last month, AppNexus revealed that it has raised $31m in an investment round, including a $10m investment from publishing giant News Corp. 

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