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Vizeum’s Thomas Le Thierry on taking a holistic view to global trends

Vizeum global president Thomas Le Thierry caught up with M&M Global at Dmexco to discuss the busy summer of 2015 for everyone in agencyland.


Le Thierry felt that, although the summer had been hard work, it had been a great opportunity for agencies.

“All the board rooms of clients realise that the world is changing incredibly fast and they scratch their chin and think ‘Do we have the right partner to walk with us towards 2020?’ where the world will be fully digital, and if the answer is ‘We’re not sure’ then they put the business in review,” he said.

”We have designed our operating level to be fit for that convergent environment and we are really trying to demonstrate throughout those reviews that we’d be the right partner for those clients by putting their business a pitch where we think we also have a nice story to tell,” Le Thierry added.

2015 has been a huge year for Vizeum so far, with new clients including Burger King, and the agency intends to keep momentum and scale up to ensure the trend is not short term. “We have positioned Vizeum as the agency that is leveraging media to transform business challenges,” he said.

Le Thierry discussed that what is important to the industry tomorrow is being bought today. “This is pushing us to lean into the future – to lean into convergence, data, technology, content – and not to be on the back foot and try to preserve what exists but to try to be fit for the future,” he said.

The industry used to be a commodity business, planning and buying media and giving recommendations at that level, but, according to Le Thierry, the good news is that media has been transformational in the communications space, leading to the industry’s increasing importance.

However, he speculated that it is important to understand this increased responsibility, whilst remaining innovative.

Looking globally, Le Thierry said that eyes are on California when people talk about digital tech and platforms, but added that Seoul is a big area of development for fashion and luxury brands, and Asia Pacific, specifically Singapore, is massively accelerating for mobile and social.

“We need to look at it with a holistic view, look at where those trends and key initiatives are being taken, and organise around that.”

Looking to the future, Le Thierry said he hopes to see success in collective capability and remain ahead of the game with the best stories and solutions. “It’s about delivering right content to the right people at the right moment and making those connections personal, valuable and adaptable,” he said.

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