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Digital Media Start-up, Wibbitz, is allowing brands to easily convert text into high quality video content.


Company: Wibbitz

Sector: Digital Media / Publishing Technologies

Location: New York and Tel Aviv

Regions Covered: Global

Founded By: Zohar Dayan & Yotam Cohen

Are they rocket scientists? Not officially but they could be!

Who are your major backers? Horizons Ventures, Initial Capital, lolol Ventures, Kima Ventures

Whats your track record? Wibbitz’s text-to-video technology enables anyone to automatically create engaging, bite-sized videos in seconds. The technology has received awards from UNESCO partner Netexplo, the Mobile World Congress, and the Apple Store’s Best Apps.

What do they say? Is this magic?

What does this mean? Wibbitz has introduced a revolutionary video creation tool to the world so our founders could be wizards.

What makes your company different to its competitors? Wibbitz is a visionary company that’s always looking ahead for the next opportunity to disrupt the media industry. The technology is truly one-of-a-kind, and our team is continually working hard to improve it and expand the options for its use. We understand the balance of being a tech company that still connects with our current and potential clients while recognising their needs.

First clients? Times of India, Times of Israel, Ynet, Haaretz, Globes, Focus Online, Mundo Deportivo, La Vanguardia, India Today

How could your company change the world? In our increasingly mobile lives, we provide a better solution to get our ‘news in motion’, on-the-go. Media publishers will be able to share their stories in both text and video form to engage audiences on any platform.

Who do you compete with? Our competition includes video creation technologies and services, video content syndicators, original video creators and in-house video producers.

Who should be worried? No-one, just stay calm and create videos.

If you could choose any investor globally, who would it be? Conde Nast Ventures

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world, who would it be? NASA’s entire staff.


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