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World Media Mentors: Antoine Dubois, AccorHotels

Antoine Dubois, senior vice-president of communication, advertising, social and media at AccorHotels, explains why ‘brandformance’ is key to measuring content success.

Antoine Dubois

Antoine has 15 years’ experience in the communications industry, gained across both agency (Leo Burnett) and subsequently client-side. Before joining AccorHotels in 2011, he worked at Disneyland Paris as Content Integrator Manager, Europe and subsequently at national French radio group, RTL.

1 – Why should agencies/advertisers enter the World Media Awards?

“These Awards are key for our industry. I think the industry does not highlight enough how important it is to have great international campaigns. It needs to be recognised as an area where an agency can really add value.”

2 – What will you be looking for from the entries?

“I’ll check the capacity for one single idea to be relevant, and have an impact, on different countries at the same time. Universal ideas are hard to find but are key for international campaigns.”

3 – Why should advertisers use branded content – what is it best suited to achieve?

“It is the best way today to communicate with the consumer. These days KPIs are no longer focused around brand awareness. Brand consideration and engagement are now key elements in the game. Brand content excels in generating a great marketing and social score.”

4 – Do content-driven communications work better for brands in some industry sectors than others? 

“All sectors can create branded content that can have an impact on both brand image and the bottom line. It is just a matter of convenience versus a target. Content is a tool and consumer insights are key to developing it in the best way for a specific category.”

5 – How do you measure the ROI delivered by branded content campaigns?

“One word: ‘Brandformance’. KPIs need to link the branding effect and acquisition results to one dashboard for all campaigns. This is why DMPs are already an important tool in campaign implementation.”

6 – What are the biggest challenges in planning and implementing an international campaign across four or more international borders?

“Finding the right consumer insight that can reflect the consumer mind-set in all of the countries we want to communicate in.”

7 – How difficult is it to find a content marketing idea that can translate across borders?

“It is very difficult. Sometime you need to adapt the creative by itself and redo the execution. Sometime it is more a question of adapting to different touchpoints and media buying needs. One size does not fit all in this type of campaign.”

8 – Summarise yourself in three words.

“Creative, focused, international.”

9 – What made you want to pursue a career in media and marketing?

“I have had a passion for the sector since I was a kid. And simply because evolution will never end in this category.”

10 – Which is your favourite social media platform, and why?

“LinkedIn for business use – a fully integrated tool today with great newsfeed integration.

“Snapchat for personal use – it has revolutionised the way an app can look and fees on mobile, plus Snapshat ‘Discoveries’ is really changing the way in which media can talk to consumers on a mobile site.”

11 – What is your favourite restaurant?

“Café Constant rue Saint Dominique in Paris. A real « Bistronomie » place.”

The final deadline for entries to the World Media Awards is Thursday 23 February. Click here for all the details on how to enter.

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