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YouTube and Twitter showing limited accessibility in Iran

Some journalists in Iran have tweeted that they can access YouTube and Twitter, sites which were previously banned.

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The news comes following Europe and the US lifting economic sanctions on Iran, due to the Islamic republic keeping its commitments under the nuclear deal, limiting its program.

However, Twitter is said to only be working for some, implying the limited access might be a temporary anomaly.

Iran banned most social media sites following 2009’s controversial presidential elections, although some Iranians bypass the ban using VPNs to mask their location.

A recent survey by Al Jazeera found that 58% of the 2,300 surveyed used Facebook and 37% used Google+.

Twitter and YouTube were accessible for a day in 2013, but the government cited a technical glitch when the sites became inaccessible shortly after.

However, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani uses Twitter, and has publicly commented that internet censorship is pointless and must go.

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