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YouTube’s top Christmas ads reviewed with Google’s David Black

Google UK managing director for branding and consumer markets David Black revealed that Buster the Boxer is top of the Xmas ads on YouTube, with UK retailers leading the pack in this year’s race for views.


Black felt it was great that UK brands were getting to the top of worldwide viewship. “I think it’s all about the creativity that happens around Christmas time.

“Some of the UK retailers are top of the list with some incredible storytelling and really harnessing the power of sight, sound and motion and they’re doing that really well. They’re engaging the UK community and they’re creating great pieces of creative that are spreading all over the UK but actually spreading all over the world as well.”

Top 10 viewed Christmas adverts on YouTube:

1. John Lewis – #BusterTheBoxer

2. Sainsbury’s –The Greatest Gift

3. Burberry – The Tale of Thomas Burberry

4. Edeka – #Zeitschenken

5. Coca-Cola – Neste Natal

6. Apple – Frankie’s Holiday

7. M&S – Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

8. H&M – Come Together

9. Temptations – Keep them busy

10. Heathrow Airport – Coming Home for Christmas 

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