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Yuksel Chelik

Yuksel Chelik

JOB TITLE: Account director

What drives you to succeed in media?

There are endless opportunities to implement effective communication strategies for clients. The best part is being able to demonstrate the impact on business results. That, combined with the momentum of constant innovation in technology, stimulates me to push boundaries every day.

Why are you one of the industry’s hottest young talents?

Because geeks will take over the world and I’m at the front of the queue! I love using data to find new ways of creating game-changing work for our clients. I bring out the story in the numbers and spread my passion through my team by fostering idea-sharing. Proof is in the pudding! The incremental value I bring to the table has consistently shone through in outstanding client feedback, the enthusiasm of my team and the great work we deliver together.

M&M-BadgeWhat key trends and insights do you think are driving global media?

There are so many! In the interest of fitting this into one page, I’ll pick the increasing pressure on our clients to provide a value exchange through their communications. Now more than ever, consumers are able to easily switch between messaging and sometimes even turn it off completely. Success for brands lies in building memorable communication strategies that are tailored to individuals. Here’s the good news: data.

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