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M&M Global – The hub for international media

M&M Global brings together and celebrates the world’s international media and marketing community, offering a unique hub for content, networking and intelligence.

For more than 25 years, M&M Global has provided valuable commentary on the changes occurring in the media landscape, helping advertisers and their agency and media owner partners decipher what’s happening and what they should do next.

In 2015, M&M Global relaunched with a new digital platform, bringing a wider range of text, video, audio and image-based content to our audience, including news, analysis, interviews, blogs and in-depth features.

M&M Global is part of C Squared Networks Ltd, owner of the Festival of Media, emerge, I-MIS and Cream brands.

2017 editorial calendar

JANUARY: Is the Super Bowl now a truly international media moment?

The Super Bowl has long represented an unparalleled chance to reach US consumers, and it is steadily growing its international audience. Has the time come for brands and agencies to view the NFL’s showpiece final as a truly global marketing opportunity?

FEBRUARY: Brand content in the era of ubiquity – what comes next?

With publishers in an arms race to upscale commercial content teams, and brands allocating an ever-growing share of budget to content-led campaigns, the industry must reappraise how to win consumer attention in an increasingly cluttered market.

MARCH: Are global management consultancies now ready to dominate marketing services?

Accenture made headlines last year with its acquisition of creative agency Karmarama. Are the global consulting and accountancy firms – the likes of IBM, Adobe and Deloitte – ready to challenge the dominance of media and advertising holding groups and prise away client business?

APRIL: Media and marketing’s hottest markets – where can next-level innovation be found?

Planners from Peru; creatives from Korea; developers from Denmark – where can the hottest talent and most innovative media and marketing ideas be found? And in today’s globalised world, can they become hubs to rival London, New York and Paris?

MAY: The era of audio – finding the right voice for your brand

The use of virtual assistants has been growing for some time. In light of the recent rise of Amazon’s Alexa AI, is now the moment that all brands must consider the importance of voice activation and audio content? And how will this revolution impact media and marketing as we know it?

JUNE: The new broadcast model: How live video and OTT services are revolutionising TV

From Amazon Prime and Netflix, to Facebook Live and YouTube Live, linear, ad-funded broadcast television is under threat like never before. How can broadcasters reinvent themselves to thrive in a newly-globalised and mobile-dominated content landscape?