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What global brands need to know in 2020

As we approach the end of the first month of the new decade it feels like the right time to reveal what the senior media and marketing figures from brands need knowledge on in 2020.

A key component of Festival of Media’s business is creating educational and discovery events for global brands based on what media learnings they crave by having continuous dialogue with them.

Having spoken to and continuing to speak to senior media directors from brands including GSK, P&G, Unilever, Volvo, Adidas. Danone, Coca Cola and Carlsberg we now have some invaluable insight into what they need education on for the rest of the year.

Some of these topics will come as no surprise, but what they will do is provide a narrative of what is important and what is not over the next 12 months for those in charge of spending some of the biggest advertising budgets in the world.

Unsurprisingly brands are very keen to understand the nuances of inhousing and outsourcing, particularly around gaining a greater knowledge of whether its creative, data or media planning which is taken inhouse and crucially what services should agencies be used for. The problem is that different elements suit different companies. What works for Lastminute.com doesn’t necessarily work for Deutsche Telekom, so brands want to understand the successes, the failures, the costs, the level of efficiency and advice on how they achieve the perfect balance.

Equally as important is knowledge about what next in a cookie less world and how this will affect brands data and reach with their target audience and when is the right time to move to persistent ID. They are looking for solutions, ideas and initiatives to help develop their media and marketing campaigns.

There is also a lot of interest in understanding the future of media measurement in and out of walled gardens, what next for media auditing and demonstrating the value of media to business leaders and boards.

Adtech is also high on the agenda with brands keen to get to grips with the impact of creativity on media budgets, the role of AI and media and the overall evolution of adtech.

Like we said from the off a lot of these topics are obvious, but as an industry we have a reponsibility to ensure brands are educated correctly and not to make wrong assumptions or second guessing what is keeping senior brand marketers and media experts awake at night.

Over the rest of the year Festival of Media aims to showcase and celebrate excellence,  sessions, insights and trends for global brands focusing on all of the above topics.

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