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Interview with a First Time Winner

In a world where the media industry is constantly evolving, it takes innovation, creativity, and hard work to stand out from the crowd. Aaron Pearce, Director of You Know Media, has done just that. They took home bronze at the 2023 Festival of Media APAC Awards – an impressive feat for an independent agency entering for the first time. In this blog post, we sit down with Aaron Pearce to learn more about his journey and how his team achieved this incredible success.


Q: This was your first time entering the Festival of Media APAC Awards, what made you decide that this was the year you wanted to put forward some work?

A: 2022 was a very big year for You Know Media, with different partners we created some very innovative and some global first campaigns. These campaigns received great results for the brands at the time and gamers seem to really love them, on reflecting how proud we were with our clients and partners we decided to take the next step of entering FOMA to show them with the best in the region, plus to inspire more brands to get in the game and see what is possible.

Q: It’s a really fantastic campaign, would you be able tell us a bit more about it and what it was like working on the project? 

A: Working in marketing and gaming, these are the types of projects you want to see, and work on. This was a full media campaign that revolved around a one-day Esport Tournament, the players within the various competing teams were all great Call of Duty players, plus well known social media personalities. The event was pre-promoted across a range of gaming media (paid and editorial), the talents own channels and Activision Blizzard channels. The day event was broadcast on the Call of Duty Twitch channel, with an incredible amount of live streams, and post event views. There were endless amounts of content coming from talent on the day and post event, and most main gaming sites reporting on the event.

Q: Not only did Chris Pratt Hunts Down Australian Gamers make the shortlist, it went on to win Bronze in the Best Partnership Category. How did you feel when you heard the news?

A: We were proud, for everyone – the YKM team, Prime Video, Rufus powered by Initiative and the host of key partners and talent involved in this campaign. Plus we were excited that our industry peers saw what we all saw in this. 5+ years ago gaming partnerships like this wouldn’t be getting awards…times have changes, which is great.

Q: What kind of work would like to see more of in the industry? Perhaps there’s some emerging trends and insights that really excite you?

A: More gaming partnerships with non-endemic brands. Most people now have seen the stats around literally everyone gaming, whether that being you, your mum, or your friends. There is so much potential for brands in gaming, and the value add that comes with that, for everyone involved.

Q: It was a highly competitive category, and you were up against many great campaigns. How does it feel as an independent agency to know that you pipped many larger agency networks to the post? 

A: Everyone works so hard to create the campaigns we all see at the Festival of Media APAC Awards, we take our hat off to everyone that is trying to do bigger and better work. Here at YKM we’re proud to see APAC repping it so hard and well on the global stage, the creativeness and innovation coming out of the region is something to be so proud of.

Q: Finally, where will you be keeping your trophy?

A: Unsure at the moment, a lot of people contributed to this, so we may need a few Call of Duty matches to decide whose deck it sits on. But, we want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in putting FOMA on, plus all the judges involved, and all the agency people and clients for creating this great work we saw in 2022. We’re proud to be part of such a creative and determined industry. Here’s to an even bigger 2023.

If You Know Media’s story has inspired you to push your limits and strive for excellence, then it’s time to take the next step. The MMG Global Awards are now open for entries and it’s a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and hard work to the world. So, don’t wait any longer and enter now by clicking HERE.

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