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Amazon tops global social influence and engagement ranking

Amazon is the top global brand for social influence and engagement, according to a new ‘Klout 50’ list compiled by software firm Lithium.

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The Klout 50 is based on Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Brands report and corresponding Klout scores, compiled from data across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as Bing search and Wikipedia.

Amazon came out on top, followed by Microsoft and MTV in second and third place respectively. These brands are “reinventing the way they connect with people and share experiences on social media”, says Lithium.

They achieve this success by engaging with everyone and not just the “positive, most influential fans.”

Brand value strength is not enough to succeed on social media, as seen from Microsoft, Google and McDonald’s being recognised for their global and social media success, securing a top ten spot on both the Klout 50 and Interbrand’s list.

Katy Keim, chief marketing officer of Lithium said: “The Klout 50 salutes those brands that know social is part of their consumer’s everyday life and for effectively connecting and sharing experiences with them.

“However, this is also a wakeup call for the brands that are not on the list to understand that without social they lose.”

The top ten most socially influential global brands can be seen below:

1. Amazon – 98.89

2. Microsoft – 98.85

3. MTV – 98.32

4. Google – 98.04

5. Facebook – 97.94

6. Intel – 95.94

7. Nintendo – 95.04

8. McDonald’s – 94.74

9. eBay – 93.82

10. Ford – 93.19

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