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C4’s ‘Superhumans’ on track to be the most-shared Rio 2016 ad

UK broadcaster Channel 4’s ‘We’re the Superhumans’ advertising tribute to Paralympians is set to become the most-shared Olympic ad this year, according to data from Unruly.

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The ad – the second-most shared Olympics ad of all time – has already generated over 1.2 million shares since its launch in mid-July. In second place is Under Armour’s ‘Rule Yourself’ clip featuring US swimmer Michael Phelps, with only 308,000 shares.

The most-shared Olympic ad of all time is Procter & Gamble’s ‘Best Job’ ad, part of its ongoing ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign, which has been shared on nearly 2.5 million occasions.

Dan Best, managing director, global client development at Unruly, said: “It’s no surprise that Channel 4 is running away with the Olympics with its brilliant spot. Instead of the usual moody lighting and tough love storyline you get with a lot of Olympic ads, it takes a fresh approach, bringing humour, surprise and inspiration in buckets. Instead of crying along to the video you’ll be cheering along.”

The Unruly data was collated on 1 August, and includes shares of both YouTube and Facebook videos

Watch the top 10 below:

1 – Channel 4 ‘We’re The Superhumans’ (1,256,567 shares)

2 – Under Armour ‘Rule Yourself – Michael Phelps’ (308,000 shares)

3 – Under Armour ‘Rule Yourself – USA Women’s Gymnastics’ (186,865 shares)

4 – P&G ‘Thank You, Mom – Strong’ (180,725 shares)

5 – BBC Sport ‘Rio 2016 Olympic Games Trailer’ (79,295 shares)

6 – United ‘Team USA – One Journey. Two Teams.’ (72,355 shares)

7 – Nike ‘Unlimited Serena Williams’ (65,668 shares)

8 – Gatorade ‘The Boy Who Learned to Fly’ (63,803 shares)

9 – Gillette ‘Perfect isn’t Pretty’ (41,353 shares)

10 – Nike ‘Unlimited Future’ (40,037 shares)

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