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Making the world a better place

Not a day goes by without an organisation from the global media and marketing sector pontificating on LinkedIn about how they have planted 100 plus trees, engaged in a numerous community-based activities and taken steps to try and make the world a better place.

This is commendable and hopefully providing each of the employees and leaders at these organisations an education on a number of issues from how they can lower their carbon footprint, help others and understand the importance of inclusivity.

To compliment this companies within the global media space are starting to seamlessly incorporate a purpose/cause initiatives as part of their strategy for client campaigns. However, as with all good intentions and movements within the sector there are some who are happy to talk the talk, but not necessarily walk the walk.

As someone told us this week there are a few charlatans in the cause/purpose space in the media sector who are generating great pr, but not offering any real substance. In some cases, this could be described as green washing a purpose, but we also have to be aware this term is bandied about all too frequently without any education or given to the organisation accused of green washing and an explanation that although there is some level of good intention it’s executed wrongly. Don’t get us wrong in some cases it’s fairly obvious, but in others it is not so black and white.

To be honest, it’s great the industry is looking, thinking and attempting to help make the world a better place by including cause/purpose on their agendas. Yes, they may make mistakes, but with the right education and direction they can have a positive impact and showcase media as a force for good.

All of this sits with the three key pillars – 1) Amplifying the work currently being produced in the industry that is having a positive impact on society around the globe, 2) Encouraging more of the industry to do more to help the world, 3) Highlight how global media can be a force for good – of our newest awards programme the Festival of Media Cause Campaign Awards.

We realise it is a long journey, but we have started it with gusto and it’s amazing to see work from around the world that is having a positive impact culturally, socially and helping change ideals, opinions and lives.

Similarly – although we are some way from being anywhere near halftime – we share the same beliefs with the Project Everyone team, which has the legendary writer and UK national treasure Richard Curtis driving it and is doing everything to save the planet.

Back in 2015, 193 world leaders agreed a gameplan to create a fairer, greener and better world by 2030, known as the Global Goals. Sadly we have reached the halfway point and the world is losing. It means the initiative needs to provide the most important halftime talk of any event the world has seen to achieve these goals by 2030.

From our industry it needs everyone to come together – Al Pacino will be leading the halftime talk – to offer up advertising space where it can encourage governments, individuals, businesses and world leaders to help turn the tide in the second half of the campaign and go for the win.

This also means walking the walk and showcasing how media can be a force for good by encouraging clients to do more to make the world a better place. Now is the time to put your money where your intentions are and support The Halftime Talk campaign and enter into the Festival of Media Cause Campaign Awards

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