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Jo Ketley


Director, global business development

Describe an occasion where you have made a decisive contribution to your own brand or your client’s business.

The biggest contribution I can make to MediaCom is winning pitches. Earlier this year I played an instrumental role in pitching and winning a large retail client in one of our key local markets. The local team was relatively new and not used to pitching together. I took this as an opportunity to spend time regularly in the local market to lead the pitch and train the team on how to apply our global best practices. The training paid off, it was a really important win for us.

What drives you to succeed?

When a new brief comes in, it is an opportunity for us as a team to create something new and different and add real value to a client’s business, as well as MediaCom. When MediaCom wins a new global account, the impact on the agency is tangible; it often affects hundreds of people all around the world and completely lifts the organisation and the people working in it. To be a part of that is an amazing feeling and that definitely drives me to succeed.

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