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Joostje Peerboom

Joostje Peerboom

JOB TITLE: Data science executive
COMPANY: ZenithOptimedia

What drives you to succeed in media?

The advances made in behavioural economics and analytics have revolutionised the marketing landscape, and I am lucky to be in a position to utilise that knowledge. Working closely with our partner agency S&S, we are now able to dynamically serve custom creative to audiences depending on their position in the automotive journey. This means we need to have a single customer view across all devices and channels. Working at ZenithOptimedia has enabled me to work with multidisciplinary teams across the world.

Why are you one of the industry’s hottest young talents?

Coming from a traditionally scientific background, I am in a unique position to use advanced analytics to help marketing become a smarter industry. In less than two years I have been able to help transform the communication strategies of one of the largest automotive brands in the world.

M&M-BadgeWhat key trends and insights do you think are driving global media?

The great advances made in technology and data analysis have given us the ability to observe and quantify human behaviour on an ever more granular scale. This continuous progress is empowering us to personalise mass media, tailoring communications to the needs of the consumer on a global scale.

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