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Kenneth Ho

Kenneth Ho

JOB TITLE: Associate digital manager

Give an example of how you have used new technology in your role.

We helped a petroleum client create an awareness uplift of its fuel product across six of its target markets. A new programmatic video solution in the region was used, seeking out male drivers and delivering content across all devices and channels including social. A gamification element was added to the videos, creating an interactive online experience that boosted dwell time.

What drives you to succeed in media?

Are you able to adapt to an increasingly complex media landscape, or even evolve with today’s sophisticated consumer? That is the question I ask myself every day and what success in media means to me. What propels me forward to adapt and evolve – the freedom to immerse myself in the endless possibilities to engage and connect with the consumer, granted by open access to technology and more data available now than ever.

M&M-BadgeWhy are you one of the hottest young talents?

My greatest achievement is never about delivering that one single award winning campaign, because the groundbreaking strategic framework created today could become obsolete tomorrow. I grow and nurture myself, my colleagues and clients to react in the best way in the digital era.

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