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McDonald’s plots US revival with new marketing approach

McDonald’s has launched a new marketing plan to revive sales in the US and reconnect the brand with millennial consumers.


Despite rumours to the contrary, the fast food chain is retaining its ‘I’m lovin’ it’ strapline, and instead hopes to “reignite” the line with a new platform.

Following on from the appointment of US chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl in early 2014, McDonald’s claims it is moving from a philosophy of “billions served” to “billions heard”.

A new series of TV ads, created by Leo Burnett, kicked off on 3 January, including a 60-second animated clip featuring famous enemies such as Batman and the Joker settling their differences.

The company also plans to roll out new packaging, staff uniforms and restaurant signage.

McDonald’s said in a statement: “Our brand’s renewed focus on lovin’ will come to life in ways that inspire people to recognise and celebrate the lovin’ they share with each other every day.

“This new focus will inspire everything we do moving forward, from advertising and marketing to how we interact with customers in restaurants and on social media.”

The chain suffered declining sales in 2014, in particular in the US, where sales were down 4.6% year-on-year in November.

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