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Misaki Nagaya

Misaki Nagaya

: Associate account executive
BASED: Japan

What key trends and insights do you think are driving global media?

Programmatic trading and data targeting solutions are becoming increasingly more standardised on a global level, enabling advertisers to reach their target audience at a minimum cost.

What is your greatest achievement to date in international media?

Bringing on board Konica Minolta as a global partner of CNN Heroes, which celebrates individuals making extraordinary contributions to help improve the lives of others. It was a first for a Japanese brand and I was then able to negotiate an extension of the sponsorship for the following year to CNN US TV and digital.

M&M-BadgeWhat creative innovations have you implemented in the past 12 months?

I offered an ad feature page campaign that include four stories with four different videos about Yanmar’s brand line and partnership with Red Bull’s NY team. Each of the four pages was connected, enabling Yanmar to showcase its message seamlessly.

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