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Nearly three-quarters of consumers believe TV quality would be ‘compromised’ without ads

Over 70% of Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA) consumers say that TV quality would be compromised without advertising, according to research.

Discovery Network

‘The Future of TV advertising’ report, conducted by Discovery Networks and the Future Foundation, surveyed 3,000 TV viewers across 10 CEEMEA markets: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and UAE, in addition to interviews with a panel of industry experts.

Television continues to be the dominant media platform, the report says. Over 50% of CEEMEA consumers watch at least three hours of television every day, with one in six watching over five hours per day.

Dorota Zurkowska-Bytner, vice president ad sales development, Discovery Networks CEEMEA, said: “In the multi-screen world, TV remains a very dominant part of the media mix.

“Research shows that viewers clearly understand the funding relationship between advertising and content, and are open to new ad formats. So there are many reasons to be positive about the future of TV advertising.”

The report found that one in three CEEMA viewers agree that advertising on trusted channels is more impactful and that half of consumers across the region would like the ability to directly engage with and purchase products advertised on TV.

Neil Harkwick, chief executive of GroupM in Russia, said: “A strong channel brand will drive high volumes to the channel and having done so it’s creating an affinity with their audience to make them more receptive to the type of advertising. If a channel is good and smart then it helps you set a strong brand and a strong brand delivers relevant, appropriate advertising.”

Unsurprisingly, TV advertising is more effective when linked to the second screen. Consumers agree that advertising across multiple media channels delivers greater impact – with over 70% of consumers in South Africa, Turkey, Romania, UAE and Bulgaria agreeing on the impact of 360 degree campaigns.

Some 50% of viewers surveyed reported having gone online to look up a product or service, having just viewed an advertisement on their television, rising to 70% of viewers in Bulgaria.

Product placement is also regarded as positive. One out of three consumers doesn’t find it distracting. Over 50% of viewers in South Africa, the UAE and Bulgaria would allow product placement on TV. Viewers in Turkey, Romania and Poland are also more likely to accept it.

Over half of consumers across the region are interested in receiving tailored advertising, while 80% are interested in being able to skip through ads to choose and view the advertising most relevant to them.

The CEEMEA region covers 26.1% of the world’s viewing audience – a total of 1.866 billion people, accounting for 16.5% of global spending power.

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