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Spotify and SAB Miller: Cutting through the mobile noise

Spotify ad sales director Fabio Brunelli explained how to connect with a generation that is constantly on the go, as part of  a session with SAB Miller Peru’s brand manager Mary Helena Asmat.


Brunelli explained to Festival of Media LatAm 2015 delegates about a new kind of user, the streamer, and how best to engage with that kind of user.

“Technology has changed as we know it and concepts have changed, we are moving from ownership to access,” he said.

Brunelli speculated that most attendees arrived with an Uber, that some are staying at AirBnBs, and that some watch movies on Netflix and listen on Spotify.

“That is the change – you don’t have to own a full wall of CDs, you have the chance to access it online,” he said.

Technology hasn’t only been changing how we consume the content – it has been changing our whole lives, from an unplugged to a connected world.

“Looking to the future, I believe that more and more we will be connected,” Brunelli said. “In 2022, you will have your freezer telling you that you’ve run out of milk.”

Mobility has also changed. “I don’t want to wait, why should I wait,” he added, “I want to access everything now.”

“You can be on the run, on the go and access the kind of content you want.”

2014 saw huge growth in streaming, with 76% of total Spotify users in US accessing the platform and the content via their mobile devices plus 178% user growth on streams and 143m people listening to online radio monthly in the US.

Brunelli went on to explain how streamers are connected throughout the day. “You can reach that consumer from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed,” he said.

“Users and streamers are explicit in what they are doing. It’s not any more about creating playlists by genre – it’s a playlist based on moments, based on activity. You can reach your audience at the right moment, at the right time that you want.”

Brunelli’s final thought was that streamers are more valuable for brands because they care and know that brands are supporting free streaming services, therefore they are more engaged and more proactive.

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