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Spotify partners Rubicon Project to automate audio ad inventory

Spotify has partnered with ad marketplace Rubicon Project to automate its audio advertising inventory.


The deal will allow brands to access Spotify’s data and target its listeners with 15 to 30 second audio spots based on age, gender, music genre and playlist in real-time via Rubicon Project’s ‘Orders’ platform.

Spotify global head of sales Brian Benedik said the real-time automation will give advertisers the ability to target 70m registered Spotify users  “wherever they regularly consume audio content”.

It represents the first time automated advertising has been brought to Spotify’s digital in-app audio through Deal ID and private marketplaces.

Rubicon Project chief revenue officer Harry Patz said: “With consumers increasingly turning to their mobile devices to consume content, streaming audio providers like Spotify are primed to tap into the enormous benefits of advertising automation as buyers seek access to audiences exactly where and when they are most receptive.”

Separately, Spotify has tied-up with AppNexus to enable programmatic buying across Spotify’s global audio inventory.

The partnership will allow buyers to upload audio creatives and purchase inventory using AppNexus’ Programmable DSP, which supports all digital media types including display, mobile, native, audio, and instream and outstream video.

AppNexus president Michael Rubenstein said:  “The AppNexus Publisher Suite is built exactly to help companies like Spotify to maximize monetisation across all inventory formats – display, native, video, and audio.”

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