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The importance of evocative visual content

POPSUGAR and ShopStyle Europe managing director Genevieve Kunst discussed how visual content can evoke strong emotions in consumers to a packed room on the morning of day one at Ad:Tech 2015.


According to Kunst, 50% of women want to be inspired by brands and a massive 93% women surveyed felt that learning makes them happy. Three quarters of women also answered that tech can make them happier.

She felt the importance lay in understanding where the trends are and understanding what women are looking for when writing native content, so as not to make readers feel they are being sold products.

“We have to be creative and recognise what the needs are of the end consumer,” she said. “Sponsored content is still a part of the day to day.”

An example of advertorial content that she had seen work well involved her working with influencers writing recipes that mothers were using to excite their children.

Talking about how Kunst keeps native advertorial and content separate for consumers, she said that the content teams were very distinct. “We have native advertiser editors that are very different from editorial team – they are a separate church and state,” she added.

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