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Tom Casswell

Tom Casswell

JOB TITLE: International account director
COMPANY: Havas Media

Provide an example of how you have helped transform brand awareness.

I recently led the launch campaign for Source ETFs across London and Zurich, cementing them as a challenger brand to established players such as iShares. Through some brilliant high-impact tactical OOH, print executions and a cohesive programmatic, mobile and social strategy, we made a big splash in the markets, and new Source clients made reference to seeing the ads everywhere they went and feeling like Source had marked its territory.

Give an example of how you have used new technology in your role.

We’ve been using on-site data for all our clients to target their audiences dynamically through programmatic, allowing us to serve sequential messaging and move the audience through the brand’s story seamlessly. Outside of client work, myself and a few colleagues decided last Christmas that we were bored with the generic email Christmas cards that flood the industry, so we made a fully 360-degree Christmas video. We seeded the video through an app and sent it to all our clients along with a Google Cardboard headset which allowed them to watch the video in 360-degree virtual reality. The feedback was amazing and we definitely got ourselves noticed!

M&M-BadgeWhat drives you to succeed in media?

I’m driven by working with brilliant people, and by the pace of change in the industry. It’s such a vibrant competitive industry that it’s impossible not to get swept up in it and to not want to constantly learn in order to succeed and stay ahead of the game. I came into the industry just as digital was starting to really take over, and the industry is unrecognisable since then. What drives me is trying to get ahead of that change and help my clients and my team understand what’s coming next and how to harness it best.

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