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Top 10 ads to cash in on Back To The Future day

A little birdy called ‘everyone on social media’ told me that it’s Back To The Future day today (21 October), the day that Marty McFly travels to in the second instalment of the hit 80s sci-fi series and the franchise’s 30th anniversary.


Some nostalgic brands have prepared for Marty’s arrival with retro campaigns to make him feel right at home in 2015…

1. Harp: Look on the Harp side

In Harp Lager’s video, Doc and Marty have developed strong Irish accents while travelling through time – and enjoy nothing more than a pint with some football fans from the future.

2. PepsiCo: Pepsi Perfect

Marty’s soda of choice in the franchise was Pepsi – the brand has risen to the challenge by launching a limited edition bottle in the style of the ones in the movie. There are only 65,000 being released, primarily in the US, so grab one quick.

3. Burger King: Hovertray

Hoverboards may currently not be an option, but, according to a new Burger King ad, hovertrays are ‘coming soon’…

4. Nike: Self-lacing shoes

Although not quite as high up on most fans’ wishlists as the hoverboard, Nike is currently working on self-lacing Mag shoes, like those featured in the movie.

5. Universal: Jaws 19

Universal is celebrating the 30th anniversary with the trailer for Jaws 19. According to the tag line, “The oceans are disappearing, and to save their home, the sharks must attack”.

“Jaws 19 – this time it’s really, really personal.”

6. Toyota: The future will become a reality

Toyota has a very brief cameo appearance in the franchise in the form of a retro truck. It has taken this association and run with it in a series of videos to launch its Hydrogen fuel cell driven car, the Mirai, which takes inspiration from the garbage-powered cars of the movie. One of the videos sees the films’ two stars discussing the reality of its technological predictions.

7. Universal (again): Hoverboard Commercial

OK, so as we have discussed, we all want a hoverboard, right? Well, you can’t have one because they aren’t for sale, despite Universal’s mock advert. Sorry.

8. Hendo: The World’s First Hoverboard

However, if hoverboards were for sale, they’d probably look something like this…

9. Ford: Time Travel Made Easy

Ford reportedly provided some of the cars in the films. To mark this, it has launched a flux capacitor for Focus and Fiesta models, although the disclaimer warns, “Please time travel with care, keeping in mind that different historical epochs will present unique challenges based on the cultural and technological limitations of the era.”

10. Universal (once again): Doc Brown saves the World

And finally, Doc Brown saves the world. Enough said.

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