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Video ads get personal as Amazon expands custom formats

Amazon is looking at introducing video ads focused on personalised product browsing, according to managing director of its software development centre Graeme Smith.

Amazon logoSpeaking at an event, Smith commented that, although this is only something that has only been experimented with at very small scale, Amazon was “excited” about the technology.

The video adverts would allow the advertiser to create thousands of versions of an ad using a graphics template, demonstrating how the online retailer could boost its role as an advertising platform. The system uses an algorithm to automatically superimpose images and text based on what it knows about a user and their browsing behaviour.

“I’m not able to share any more details of where, but potentially anywhere you can see a video is potentially somewhere you could consider running personalised video ads, right across the internet,” said Smith to the BBC.

“It’s still very early days for this technology, but it’s something we are really excited about with a lot of applications.”

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