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Ace Metrix helps advertisers, agencies and publishers identify how and why creative succeeds with viewers across any screen.

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Business name: Ace Metrix


Twitter: @Ace_Metrix

Sector: Advertising Research

Based in: Los Angeles, CA

Regions covered: United States


– Peter Daboll, CEO:

– Bill Scharninghausen, CFO:

– Bill Parducci, CTO:

– Jeff Stewart, Sr. VP, Operations:

What do each of you do?

– Peter Daboll has led the company in developing innovative metrics and methods for helping advertisers make better, more impactful video creative.

– Bill Scharninghausen is responsible for managing Ace Metrix financial and accounting operations.

– Bill Parducci is responsible for product architecture, design, development and engineering.

– Jeff Stewart is responsible for all aspects of Ace Metrix operations including the timely and cost-effective management of content delivered through the Ace Metrix LIVE platform and its peer products.

Who are your major backers? 

Backed by leading venture capital firms HWVP, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Leapfrog Ventures, Palomar Ventures and WPP.

What’s the track record? 

Ace Metrix’s proprietary platform provides detailed analytics and insights for TV and video ads within 24-48 hours or market debut or pretesting. Our track record includes:

– 50,000 ads tracked since 2010 – Boasting the world’s largest database of TV and digital video assets.

– Creative measurement for 1,400 brands across 96 categories – Providing the broadest variety of benchmarks and normative data available.

– 16 million consumer responses – Offering qualitative insight into the “why” behind an ad’s performance.

What do they say?

Ace Metrix measures the impact of video advertising. We provide data and insight to enable marketers and creative teams to produce more impactful work, test and adjust creative executions in real-time, and understand what creative drivers impact their brand KPI’s.

What does this mean? 

We help brands and their agencies create more impactful video ads – whether on TV or online.

What makes your company different from its competitors? 

Ace Metrix offers real-time data and in-depth qualitative and quantitative insights within 24-48 hours of an advertisement or pre-test release.

How will your company change the world?

Change the advertising ecosystem by cementing a more meaningful relationship between consumers and brands. This is done by helping brands deliver more authentic, high-quality advertising, ultimately impacting overall brand performance and making watching advertising a choice for consumers, rather than force.



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