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Alexandra Shetcliffe


PHD International

What is your greatest achievement in international marketing and media to date?

Being credited on a Silver Cannes Health Lion in 2016 for the ‘Excedrin Migraine Experience’. There is little empathy for those suffering from migraines as most people think it’s just a bad headache. The reality is that it can be highly debilitating. Excedrin used a migraine simulator to drive empathy with migraine sufferers. I helped develop the media guidance that scaled the experience and firmly positioned Excedrin as the expert in migraines.

What do you believe are the most important trends in media today?

Wearables is an exciting area, especially in consumer healthcare. The future of these will go far beyond syncing to smartphones. This is an area I have contributed thought leadership to. GSK wants to help people live longer and wearables will play a key role in this. The implications are vast as we begin to understand the potential and wealth of information across smart apparel (helping overall wellness and training) and other connected technologies in the ‘smart home’.

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