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Andreea Milea

Andreea Milea

JOB TITLE: Digital lead – international
BASED: Germany

What key trends and insights do you think are driving global media?

It will be all about seamlessness and making the consumer’s life less interrupted by creating a bridge between the digital and physical spaces that remove the screens and create a personalised environment, like data collection on user behaviour developing new customised products and services, and augmented reality blending with virtual reality, allowing traditional media to be activated through gesture controls. Last but not least, content – the one factor that delivers added value.

What is your greatest achievement to date in international media?

So far, implementing international strategies, for more than fi ve markets, but also worth mentioning was being able to manage and coordinate nine markets in implementing an international campaign successfully in less than five days. My role expanded from being the digital lead to taking the lead on coordinating the markets in giving feedback in time for the microsite development, supporting them in posting the right messages on their social platforms and facilitating an easy flow of communication between them and the social team.

Provide an example of how you have helped transform brand awareness.

M&M-BadgeOur goal was to boost the consumer perception of Deutsche Telekom as the best provider of IoT business solutions. Our strategy was to create a perfect marketplace where IoT solution developers can promote their apps and SMB owners can find the best solution to their needs. We created the second ‘international business wall of fame’ contest with the main goal of attracting developers to register their apps and getting business people to vote for the best solution. We ensured we were speaking to the relevant audience in relevant environments by having a mixture of online banners on B2B verticals and LinkedIn, social media presence, video seeding and SEA.

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