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Spreading the love: Global media and marketing campaigns that captured our hearts

It’s a day of love and to celebrate we wanted to highlight some of the amazing media and marketing campaigns, which were entered into our global awards portfolio in 2019, and most importantly wowed us, tugged at our heart strings, and made us smile.

One of the first campaigns we want to highlight hails from Australia and it not only comes with an infectious – no pun intended and you will see why in a moment – song, but most importantly highlights an important social issue and brings it to the fore of discussion as opposed to something women were too embarrassed to talk about. If you hadn’t guessed by now our first pick of affection goes to Thrush the Musical by PHD Australia. If you haven’t seen the campaign we urge you to take a look.

Our second pick, on this most romantic of days, is quite simply an amazing campaign, which showcases innovation, creativity and focuses around subject matter that until a few years ago, and in most countries still is, illegal. Launched in Canada as the country legalised cannabis The Oh Henry! 4.25 Hunger Bar campaign – created by UM and Anomaly – was a clever play, which positioned the Oh Henry! brand for those millennials who enjoy a joint and subsequently get the munchies. It saw a huge sales uplift and brand engagement.

Bringing a brand to the big stage is what everyone strives for, but for Skittles this is exactly what happened thanks to MediaCom’s Skittles: Broadway The Rainbow, which was curated to make Skittles stand out amongst all of the competition at last years Super Bowl. The result was an exclusive commercial musical performed in front of a live theatre audience with Michael C Hall as the lead star and helped it win gold at Festival of Media North America Awards in 2019.

As more and more consumers begin to choose brands based on the type of social impact they are making Corona and PHD came up with a campaign designed to educate Australians on how they can save their oceans from plastic pollution. The campaign, which started with a billboard and ended with a 25ft high plastic wave made from the plastic that was collected and removed from Australian beaches and helped educate Corona’s target market of 18-49 year olds.

On the subject of education another campaign which resonated with us and the judges at Festival of Media APAC Awards showered love on, was #Powerless Queen. Created by WATConsult for charity Project Nanhi Kali. The concept of the campaign was to create awareness about how educated women help society and to drive donations towards the education of underprivileged girls. The result was the world’s first digital chess game with a ‘Powerless Queen’ – a queen that couldn’t move and was launched by revered chess player Tania Sachdev.

Like a power ballad love song this line up is a strong selection of campaigns we loved in 2019. We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and look forward to what campaigns will capture our hearts in 2020. You can still enter Festival of Media Global Awards here.

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