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Doritos out but in for Super Bowl 2017 is returning to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row, while PepsiCo’s popular Dorito series is taking a year off from the event for the first time in a decade.

Super Bowl

A spokesperson for Frito-Lay’s snack brand told Advertising Age that the game on 5 February 2017 “did not fit” with its marketing plans, adding that it retains a “great partnership” with the NFL.

This year’s Wix campaign aims to tell the company’s story and demonstrate strengths. “For the past two years we have delivered positive campaigns that placed Wix in front of millions of people,” said Wix chief marketing officer Omer Shai.

“The Super Bowl showcases our design talent, attracts new customers and immediately prompts conversations with exciting visionary partners. Our ads show the world our capacity for creativity and our platform delivers it.

“The Super Bowl is an important ingredient in our marketing mix as it reaches our fans, potential new customers and more than 100 million viewers who are joining together for the spectacle that is game day. The Super Bowl exemplifies the Wix ideals of fun, excitement and passion. We are thrilled to have the privilege to be part of something so huge once again.”

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