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Judges Insights with Jane Goldman

We caught up with one of the members of our advisory board for North America, Jane Goldman VP, Director of Content & Influencer Strategy at Citizens Bank to find out how they’ve adapted as a business to the challenges of 2020.

This year has certainly posed a few challenges, but what was the biggest one your business faced when Covid 19 struck? 

Being reactive. We’ve had to push our ability to be agile in order to quickly pivot to get strategy, creative, and execution aligned to put work out quickly. The uncertainty and unknown has impacted plans and required either shifts overall or being able to have multiple paths available in order to respond. 

What changes has the business made which you believe will be here to stay? 

We were already working on incorporating the agile mindset into broader workstreams than just in digital but we’ve had to accelerate them. Incorporating different working methodologies to see which ones work best for the project, team, business. It’s not so much about the way we’ve always done things, but looking outside to try new methods and embrace the parts of them that make the most sense and work best. 

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