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Judges Insights with Valérie Beauchesne

Ahead of the ceremony we caught up with one of our judges for North America, Valérie Beauchesne, VP, Media Director at Havas, to find out how they’ve adapted as a business to the challenges of 2020.

Q: This year has certainly posed a few challenges, but what was the biggest one your business faced when Covid 19 struck? 

A: Managing uncertainty on all fronts, with our teams, our clients 

Q: What changes has the business made which you believe will be here to stay? 

A: Diversity and inclusion actions beyond a corporate policy, a real openness in talking and addressing mental health in our organizations 

Q: What changes, if any, do you think will no longer be valid when we return to some form of normal? What changes worked and which ones did not? 

A: The social gatherings on Zoom, people are done with drinking wine in front of their screens, I think the pandemic forced us to better and more communicate, more frequent and transparent communication from top to bottom and bottom to top. 

Q: What is the most innovative initiative or strategic piece of thinking the business has implemented? 

A: For me, one thing really struck, when the BLM movement started, our agency decided to really take actions and revise some terms such as White List and Black List to Ok to air list and Do not air list, simple change but the devil is in the details and for me when you want to impact changes sometimes you need to start by the little things. 

Q: What key trends and insights are you seeing rising to prominence during these times? 

A: The social context and expectations about brands is really interesting and crucial in my mind and is affecting our industry in a really fundamental way, brands need to stand for what they believe in and where they appear is more important than ever. 

If you want to see the work that Valérie and the rest of selected as the winners of the North America awards, be sure to tune into the ceremony on 3 December – register for your free tickets here

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