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Publish your own, fully branded magazine on iOS, Android, Desktop and the Web.

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Business name: MagLoft Pte. Ltd.


Twitter: @magloft

Sector: Media and Publishing

Based in: Incorporated in Singapore with development in Indonesia.

Regions covered:  Worldwide


Nicholas John Martin:

Tobias Strebitzer:

What do each of you do?

Tobias is our CTO and the master of all code. Nicholas is our CEO making sure business development is always on top of things.

Who are your major backers? 

We are a self-funded bootstrapped startup.

What’s the track record? 

First financial year revenue was $66K USD. Current MRR $5K MRR. Incorporated in May 2015.

What do they say?

We allow anyone to become an app publisher and we can turn your website into a native app for iOS and Android.

What does this mean? 

We want to empower anyone with the options for publishing in native apps, especially bloggers! We can take care of all the technical challenges and allow bloggers and publishers to focus on their content. We have years of experience turning content into native apps.

What makes your company different from its competitors? 

We have focused on HTML5 content from day 1 where our competitors focused on PDF content. We can create interactive and responsive content that looks and reads great on any device, size and orientation. We focus on our clients making sure that they stay in 100% control of their apps and revenue. We do not brand apps and we always publish in our clients own developer accounts.

Who are your clients?

We typically cater for three client groups:

– Indie publishers who have s strong passion, skill or interest for a niche topic.

– Traditional print publishers who want to transition from PDF to interactive and responsive content.

– Agencies and enterprises who would like to either resell our solution or offer in-house internal communication via their own apps that allow for much more interactions and feedback compared to sending PDF updates via email.

How will your company change the world?

We will be the WordPress for app publishers offering anyone the opportunity to publish with copy/paste and drag and drop simplicity.

Who do you compete with?

We compete with around 100 other companies offering various digital publishing solutions, but for specific blog to app conversion and responsive content we only compete with a handful of other providers.

Who should be worried?

The big expensive publishing solutions like Mag+ and Adobe should be very worried. The time of offering overpriced solutions is coming to an end and we will be there to support all publishers looking for top-notch features at a fraction of the price.

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? 

David Krane from Google Ventures. We’re building something that potentially Google would find interesting for their Google Play Newsstand and we’re all fans of Google tech and design.

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be?

Probably Jordan Belfort as we’re looking for a strong sales person.


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