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MediaCom’s global mobile head: ‘Whoever cracks the unique identifier will reign supreme’

Brands and agencies must develop systems and skills to cope with tomorrow’s mobile world, not just today’s, writes Ben Phillips, global head of mobile at MediaCom.

Ben Phillips

Mobile has fast become the “marriage guidance counsellor” for advertising, providing a supporting role in both traditional mass media and digital.

At MediaCom we have seen dramatic increase in measurability when OOH is enhanced by location based services as an example. Mobile has become a natural extension of any advertising strategy, a system not a silo.

As mobile experts we are no longer evangelising mobile: it is happening and we are continually challenged by our clients to provide a mobile experience that conforms to the consumers growing needs.

Mobile ad tech will supersede that of desktop, mobile is a harsher environment to navigate than traditional digital and as a result, those who have harnessed mobile ad tech find it much easier to adapt to desktop whereas the opposite has yet to be realised.

When once, mobile was simply the two slides thrown onto the back of a presentation, an increasing number of brands consider themselves ‘mobile first’ companies, that plan with mobile at the heart of their communications and content strategies.

Harnessing data

Measurement is everything and mobile provides a digital footprint and real time audience data better than any other channel. As a result, brands and publishers that have harnessed this data have done well.

Retail has adopted mobile based on its merits; automotive has always embraced the rich media quality of digital creative and quite literally driven rich media and video consumption.

Many of the publishers that I have worked with are encouraging better connections with brands in terms of data sharing to enhance the relationship. With programmatic and native solutions headlining many meeting agenda, I predict a succession of publisher-agency-brand partnerships reducing the number of of Lumascape hops in between.

Exponential growth

The growth of mobile is exponential, and I am encouraged by the consideration and investment being made in mobile development for 2015.

It is with confidence that mobile experts can demonstrate a clear ROI in mobile, investment not only from a financial standpoint but from commitment to resource and support from all stakeholders.

As we move into 2015, brands need a solid foundation in which to be able to address innovative solutions in the coming years. Feathering your nest today will make adopting wearable technology, connected devices or the internet of things easier in the future.

Appetite for education

Education is imperative and needs to be consistent. This year we launched a ‘Mobile Ignition’ training solution for all members of MediaCom, and, based on its success, we are rolling out accredited training solutions for our global brands and team members.

There is an appetite for education in mobile on a global scale, whilst market nuances must be addressed there is a foundation layer of understanding that needs to be met. What concerns me is that the skill sets within the mobile space get swallowed up by digital teams, mobile experts with longevity are what is needed to keep the momentum

Holy Grail

Programmatic buying will provide an opportunity to scale mobile revenue investment whilst supported by ad tech to enhance measurability. This will pave the way for more creative formats such as native design.

My prediction for the biggest media trend in 2015 will be the introduction and integration of connected devices lead by consumer needs. Watch out for the connected car, wearable devices and the Holy Grail, which will be the unique identifier. Whoever cracks this will reign supreme – and, yes, it is something I am currently working on!

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