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Nick Cafiero

Nick Cafiero

JOB TITLE: International account supervisor

Give an example of how you have used new technology in your role.

By planning and buying programmatic inventory centrally around the globe for our clients, we are able to execute consistent plans and control all of the data, targeting, optimisations and reporting for every market from our desks in New York. This has been a game-changer for our clients, a differentiator in the marketplace, and significantly altered the way we go to market.

Why are you one of the industry’s hottest young talents?

In my five years here, I’ve held roles in digital planning and buying, business development, marketing and, most recently, international client account management. This has given me the experience to be able to work across multiple client categories in very complex international markets, targeting many different audiences. I’d like to humbly believe that this mixture of experiences and international perspective has given me a very accelerated career path.

What key trends and insights do you think are driving global media?

M&M-BadgeThe availability and application of data are turning the world into a smaller place, and the ability to buy media centrally anywhere the world is really powerful, and will only continue to grow in scale, sophistication, and diversity of channels as these activities are shifted online. Another trend is visualisation of content. Ever since smartphones put cameras in people’s pockets 24/7 there’s been an explosion of image and video sharing. This will only continue to grow in popularity and be a force within the media space. One of the most amazing things about sharing images is it removes the language barrier, making for a trend that needs no translation and grows internationally quite organically.

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