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Business name:  Sortlist


Twitter: @sortlist   

Sector: Marcom industry

Based in: Belgium

Regions covered:  Europe with strong focus on France and Belgium.


What do each of you do?

  • Charles is the CTO
  • Nicolas is in charge of Marketing & strategy
  • Michael is the product manager
  • Thibaut is the CEO

We are managing a team of 13 people

Who are your major backers? 

Business angels and the Lean Fund.

What’s the track record? 

Every month, Sortlist is managing around 100 marketing projects of an average value of 35k€ for an all time Gross merchandising value of 12M€ in 8 months.

What’s the elevator pitch?

At Sortlist, we know agencies you need to know. Thousands of marketing agencies worldwide. Just one that fits your business. Tell us more about you needs and we’ll tell you who to meet.

The service is entirely free for companies and the agencies pay a small entrance fee to meet the client.

What does this mean? 

It means that by gathering the entire industry and giving the service for free to the advertisers we are disrupting the entire industry!

What makes your company different from its competitors? 

We support and follow each of our client human-to-human thanks to our in-house marketing experts.

We are the only one giving this service for free to the demand side.

Who are your clients?

Sortlist has managed in less than a year more than 1800 different marketing projects at worldwide scale with thousands of companies amongst which we can cite Engie, Baxter, LVMH, Zespri, Panasonic, or Samsung.

Sortlist works frequently with more than 2500 marketing agencies such as Darwin BBDO, DigitasLBI, JWT, Emakina, Dogstudio, Havas Media, La Mazerine, or Weber Shandwick.

How will your company change the world?

Brand managers, Project owners, CEOs and CMOs are using Sortlist because they are looking for ways to gain in productivity and ways to work with an agency that matches both their budget and their industry knowledge.

In general, companies do not have a purchasing department. They cannot afford to spend months in searching for the best marketing agency. Moreover, companies do not have sufficient knowledge in-house to assess the quality of their future agency, the budget they need to invest in their project, and the criteria they must use for their research.

The marketing industry is complex and continues to become much more complex with the digital disruption happening at all levels: devices, channels, socially, community empowerment, etc.

That is why we have created Sortlist.

We want to enable all organizations to access the marketing industry without any friction or costs and with better preparation.

Who do you compete with?



– Recommended Agencies in UK

Who should be worried?

Groups owning the market and having payrolls cost reaching the roof.

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? 

Alven Capital

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be?

Marco Zappacosta from Thumbtack 😉


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