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Tumblr launches sponsored video posts

Yahoo-owned blogging network Tumblr has launched video ads for the first time, as it looks to boost revenues.


The new unit called “sponsored video posts” comes just a week after Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer announced in the company’s most recent earnings presentation that the platform is expected to make $100m by next year.

Brands already signed up to be the first to test the new video posts include Lexus, Unilver’s Axe, JCPenny and Universal Pictures.

It is understood that the sponsored video posts will also support Vine and Instagram videos and will be muted by default until the user choses to activate the sound.

Advertisers will only pay for the video ads once they have been in view for two seconds, according to Ad Age.

Sponsored video posts will become available for all advertisers in mid-November.

Earlier this month Yahoo finally announced its new content marketing plans for the blogging platforms after purchasing it last year.

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