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Want to sell online? Invest in TV, claims new study

A new study by agency Media Italia had offered  fresh evidence for the importance of an on-going commitment to TV for online retailers.



By cross-referencing weekly investment data and advertising plans of e-commerce brands with searches available on Google Trends, the data extracted showed that TV is a “fundamental medium” for provoking direct response.

However, despite the correlation shown between TV ads and site visits as demonstrated , TV alone is shown to not be enough to achieve positive results.

Intelligent TV planning, suitable creative and careful and ongoing analysis and fine-tuned response to collated data is also shown to be necessary for the best results, claimed the Italian media agency.

“For e-commerce companies too, especially during launch phase, awareness is a very important factor in getting potential clients to make the first step towards a possible purchase of their products and services: visiting the site,” the report states.

Data from the e-commerce Foundation shows that 1,139 billion globally shopped online in 2015, and B2C online sales are estimated at $2.25bn, demonstrating a 24% growth rate on the previous year.

China, the US, UK, Japan and Germany lead the rankings for greatest online spending, while Italy is currently lagging behind despite a recent increase.


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