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Why we’re launching: Best FinTech Marketing Strategy as a new category

Ahead of M&M Global opening for entries next week, we caught up with Payal Raina, the founder of FinTech Marketing, to find out more about why she decided to partner with M&M Global Awards to launch a new category in the programme: Best FinTech Marketing Strategy. 

Why partner with the M&M Global Awards?
The M&M Global Awards have been operating in the industry for over three decades rewarding the best work in international media and marketing. One of the key missions of the FinTech Marketing community is to genuinely help and give our members a forum that celebrates their achievements and puts them in the spotlight. We want to amplify their voice and share all the fantastic work they’ve done and do, and importantly inspire other FinTech Marketing community members.

What is the purpose of the FinTech Marketing hub, which you run? 
We’re a new community launched in 2020 during the pandemic. The purpose of the community to provide a forum to bring together fellow marketers from both financial services and the tech space. The 2021 seems to be the perfect time to celebrate the members, and the industry at large, successes.

What trends do you believe are driving FinTech marketing right now?
Continuing a pattern from the previous year we are seeing an acceleration in digital marketing. This year B2B marketers would need to adopt a truly digital-first and digital-centric philosophy and embed it in their marketing strategy. Secondly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Marketing. When it comes to marketing few organisations are actually using AI for marketing and sales: less than one in five. AI can make marketers more efficient and smarter at scale by offering better insights, faster analysis and by streamlining routine tasks, including AI generated content, predictive analysis, lead scoring and automating repetitive tasks.

What can marketers in other sectors learn from their FinTech peers?
The FinTech industry has been one of the key drivers of disrupting the marketing landscape. Unlike some of the bigger organisations we’ve had to operate with less budget and bring in new products and services in a short space of time. The top three factors, I would say are:
1. Agility
2. Nimbleness
3. Driving Speed of Change

For full details about the Best FinTech Marketing Strategy and the rest of our categories for M&M Global can be found here on our website. Why not familiarise yourself with all things M&M Global ahead of us opening for entries on 11th March.     

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