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Kiip founder Brian Wong: ‘Please don’t put your ads on Apple Watch’

Brian Wong, the chief executive and founder of mobile advertising start-up Kiip, has warned advertisers not to view wearable gadgets such as Apple Watch as another platform for display ads.

Brian Wong

Kiip claims to help advertisers to reward consumers’ positive “moments”, from video games to exercising and cooking, by offering personalised treats at the point of satisfaction.

Speaking at the Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMA) in Singapore, Wong – listed in Forbes’ ’30 Under 30’ feature – told brands and agencies in the audience against delivering traditional ad formats on connected devices.

“As we see a world of more connected devices, some this year coming out of CES, it’s very simple: as more of these inanimate items become connected, we have a responsibility to connect those needs. We know when it happens. As marketers, we will know when you’re about to run out of gas, or you’re feeling tired,” said the Canadian entrepreneur.

“With Apple Watch, we’re going to be able to see our bio metrics. How do we add value? That’s the core message here. Advertisers think, ‘Cool, another platform I can put my ad on.’ It’s our duty to not – please help make sure that doesn’t become the reality.”

Wong said it was “scary” that mobile users are prepared to spend money to block out ads on their devices, and said brands were losing touch with “spoiled” members of the “instant generation”.

“Before, when we opened a newspaper, we expected ads. Now, with ad blockers, we need to invent a new permission, and that is the concept of congratulations,” he added.

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