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White Ops

USA based Start-up, White Ops, is stopping cyber criminals stealing from digital advertisers by making criminal fraud unprofitable.


Company: White Ops

Sector: Cyber security technology, digital advertising, enterprise.

Location: New York, San Francisco, Victoria

Regions Covered: USA, Canada

Founded By: Michael Tiffany, Dan Kaminsky, Tamer Hassan, and Ash Kalb

Are they rocket scientists? Not really

Who are your major backers? Grotech Ventures and Paladin Capital Group

Whats your track record? $2million of seed investment plus $9million first-round investment

What do they say? Bots are becoming more human-like and camouflaged. As the web has gotten more complicated, so too have the bots. Ad fraud is outright criminal theft that will cost advertisers $6.3 billion globally this year. It will only stop if marketers insist upon it

What does this mean? We should all understand that home users’ computers are victimised every day by botnet operators who are committing ad fraud. The money to be made in ad fraud drives the botnet operators to break into more and more computers. The criminal ad fraud operations are increasingly well-funded. The money they make from ad fraud crime funds the underground market for crime-ware of all types.

What makes your company different to its competitors? White Ops is a pioneer in the deterministic, evidence-based detection and prevention of advertising fraud and malware, including bot fraud. Combating criminal activity in a new and more comprehensive way than any method previously available, White Ops differentiates between legitimate human browsing and bot driven or other types of fraudulent interactions in online advertising and publishing, enterprise business networks, e-commerce transactions, financial systems and more.

First clients? Enterprise, Fortune 100 brands, advertisers and publishers.

How could your company change the world? To win, we don’t have to lock up every criminal, we just have to make this fraud unprofitable. $6.3 billion will be spent by marketers on bots in 2015. Now, in mature industries, the cost of security typically hovers around 3%. If we apply that kind of diligence and spending here, defense against ad fraud will cost just a fraction of what is being lost to ad fraud, and we will keep that money out of the pockets of our criminal adversaries. When the adversaries make less money, they will have less money to spend on new forms of attack and new bots. That will break their innovation cycle. Constant diligence will always be required to maintain that victory, but that’s just the nature of doing business on the internet. It would still be a huge win.

Who do you compete with? While we are not in direct competition with the following companies, they do offer similar products to our target clients; Integral Ad Science, Spider IO, and DoubleVerify.

Who should be worried? No-one needs to worry.

If you could choose any investor globally, who would it be? Cisco, Google, Microsoft.

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world, who would it be? We don’t poach.

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