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M&M Global’s 10 favourite Super Bowl 50 adverts

Super Bowl 50 is almost upon us. We may not understand the rules of the game, but we know that the stakes could scarcely be higher – especially for those brands spending up to $377m on 30-second TV ads during the broadcast.

From Ryan Reynolds and Amy Schumer to Drake and Dame Helen Mirren, advertisers have secured the services of a raft of A-list celebs. Here we count down our 10 favourite campaigns set to screen on Sunday 7th February.

10 – Shock Top ‘Unfiltered Talk’

Ever been trash-talked by a slice of orange with a Mohican?

9 – Bud Light ‘The Bud Light Party’

Anything featuring Paul Rudd and a dodgy phallic pun is ok in my book. On yeah, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen are in it too.

8 – Hyundai ‘Ryan Reynolds’

If you drive a Hyundai, everyone will apparently turn into Ryan Reynolds. Does it also come in a Paul Rudd model?

7 – Peta ‘Last Longer, Go Vegan’

Definitely not work safe, this commercial claims that if you boys go vegan, you will last considerably longer in bed (and therefore possibly avoid shock death by falling household utensil).

6 – Budweiser ‘#GiveADamn’

Hmmm, how can we put people off from drink driving? How about getting Dame Helen Mirren to encourage the audience “don’t be a pillock”, before proceeding to enjoy a brewsky herself. Way to set an example, Dame Helen.

5 – Pokemon ‘#Pokemon20’

“Gotta catch ‘em all” seems much harder when you’re referring to trying to cram a 20-foot tall fire breathing reptile in to a small plastic ball. Let’s hope those balls are fire-retardant.

4 – T-Mobile ‘Restricted Bling’

What better way to capture the zeitgeist of the day than by making use of a mobile reference in a popular song to sell your phone-related product? Bonus points if ridiculous dancing is involved.

3 – Snickers ‘Marilyn’

Continuing the “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” theme, let’s all be glad that Marilyn wasn’t on some new-fangled diet, otherwise we might’ve got more than we bargained for in the famous up-skirt grate scene.

2 – Kia ‘Walken Closet’

I never realised that rich people with walk-in closets were really just keeping Christopher Walken hostage in their cupboard.

1 – Heinz ‘Weiner Stampede’

And number one. In perhaps the greatest advert ever made, bap-clad sausage dogs gallop majestically across grassy planes towards adults dressed as condiments. Pure advertising magic.


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